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i2BASQUE 10G: i2basque renueva la red troncal.

i2BASQUE 10G: i2basque renews its trunk network.

Basque Scientific Supercomputing Day 2013.

Videos: JT RedIRIS 2012 in Bilbao, Academic Networks, Project Biosoft

Bilbao offers eduroam in its municipal WiFi.

RedIRIS holds Technical Days 2012 in Bilbao.

IPv6 Day, held on the 13th of July of 2012 in the Technological Park of Donostia/San Sebasitán Tecnológico de San Sebastián.

GEANT announces its new Terabit core network.

i2basque takes part in Worl IPv6 launch day (June, 6th 2012).

Since January 2012 LIR Internet Local Registrator in RIPE.


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