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*[ Summer School 2006] live from Miramar Palace.
*[ VoD transmission ] of a UPV/EHU summer school lecture.
*[ VoD transmission ] of a UPV/EHU summer school lecture.

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Webcasting and support of multimedia and videoconferencing applications and systems as an instrument for training, support and collaboration between players:

  • Live video streaming: three-year experience with the UPV/EHU summer school
  • Video on demand
  • IP Videoconferencing
    • H.323, H.324
    • VRVS


Videoconferencing systems are present in many entities. There are Miramon and ESTE digital theatre installations, with more conventional ones in UPV/EHU, and at i2BASQUE headquarters itself. Theatres are the tools, but broadcasting information on good practice, methods, required

An IP videoconferencing room is available at Torre Arbide, with capacity for 20-30 people.

Arbide videoconferencing room agenda .


i2BASQUE is also provided with a streaming server in QuickTime format, capable of harbouring Video on Demand (VoD) content and broadcasting live video.


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