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i2BASQUE objectives include the establishment of a Grid node for the Basque Country, and initially we offer a High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure available for all R+D community in the Basque Country.

The overall infrastructure is split into two parts, one for development and tests and another for production use.


Access and management policy for the infrastructure

Mission and objectives of i2BASQUE on HPC

Our mission is to establish a first infrastructure for High Performance Computing in the Basque Country, making it available to all researchers, and be willing to exchange know-how on how to install and manage computing infrastructure. This infrastructure will be used to enhance collaboration among research entities. This collaboration will make possible those experiments once not possible. Those computing resources and infrastructures within research groups will collaborate using technologies like grid computing and will strengthen their power with i2BASQUE broadband network, a critical piece to enable efficient collaboration.

The availability of this service is under the following Usage terms and conditions

Apply form

To access any of our computing resources must complete and submit the following form to grid@i2basque.es.


All computing resources are directly connected to the core of i2BASQUE network at 2.5Gbps through optical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Our equipment is designed to be a first seed for the HPC computing in the Basque Country. Therefore, it has been made accessible to all R+D entities and we look for collaborations with them, either sharing research projects or helping them to share resources with us or other groups.

Installation notes

Administration issues

User manual

HPC at the Basque Country

Index of HPC resources available at the Basque Country.

Index of HPC users at the Basque Country.

Main page

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