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The main i2BASK infrastructure is the communications network. It consists of eight POPs connected by 2.5 Gbps SDH links and dark fiber links, and four additional dark fiber links to connect certain corporative networks out of reach for the POPs.

i2BASK provides corporative RDI agent networks in the Basque Country with fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet interface connections. It also serves as access path to RedIRIS Academic Network, with which it shares access requirements to become a user of said services.

All corporative network services are the exclusive responsibility of each entity. The use of i2BASK and RedIRIS resources is described in a number of documents covering Membership and Use Policies for said networks.

Medium-term target: dark fiber plant, lambdas, separation of users according to network use. Packet switching for normal users, circuit switching for large users.

Further information on available resources and i2BASK membership and connection procedures can be found in the Communications Manual.

  • i2BASK is a native IPv6 (address range 2001:0720:1414::/48) and Multicast network

  • i2BASK provides access to EDUROAM network. Please consult Joining eduroam with the network description, as well as the infrastructure used and the methods for connecting to the same.

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