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A supercomputer for Euskadi

The Basque Government provides to the researchers in our region a supercomputer for HPC. The Department of Education, Universities and Research has recently signed an agreement with EJIE to manage a supercomputer with 1024 processors and 90 TB of disk, which provide a sustained computing power of 11 Teraflops (11 billion operations per second).

This is the first installation in Spain of an IBM iDataPlex, a high performance computer with a very efficient cooling technology that allows energy savings of up to 40% and multiplies the processing capacity by 5. With this equipment the existing resources in Euskadi, such as the ARINA cluster of the UPV / EHU and other clusters from DIPC, among others, are complemented.

The management of this supercomputer will be done by the Academic Network i2basque, which will assign computing resources to the interested research groups , providing user accounts, computation time and disk space. The supercomputer, housed at the Center of Data Processing in EJIE, is connected to the i2basque's network backbone via an optical dedicated fiber link. In our web page dedicated to High Performance Computing are available the cluster description, access procedures and application form.

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The i2basque Academic Network

i2basque is a program of the Strategic Plan for Information Society (PESI) of the Basque Government. After a first stage managed by the UPV/EHU through an agreement with the Department of Education, in January 2011 will become part of the Ikerbasque Foundation.

I2basque is working since 2005. It has more than 60 affiliates, such as universities, technological institutes, research centers, and other RDI centers. With very high performance communication network, i2basque is the way to access to national and European networks, as RedIRIS and GEANT. It also has some intensive computing resources were already being used by several research groups in the Basque Country (ESS-Bilbao, BCMath, Labein, UPV / EHU) which are now considerably expanded.

Uses of Supercomputing

Today supercomputers are an important and valuable tool in many research areas where large amount of data is managed. This is the case for instance, of the unique scientific centers (particle accelerators, radiotelescopes), or centers where molecular and atomic simulations are done. Furthermore, to the traditional areas of physics and chemical physics are added projects in medicine and biology that need compute-intensive, like drug design, classification of genomes and proteomes, gene detection indicators related to diseases, or medical 3D imaging over time as a fourth dimension.

A concrete example of this kind of use in medicine are Alzheimer studies. There are international projects that use CT (computer tomography) scans performed with small time intervals, which are then analyzed and displayed as a movie in the time. Due to the fact that each CT needs several GB, it will be necessary to treat and store large volumes of information.

The IKERBASQUE Foundation

The IKERBASQUE Foundation is intended to contribute to the promotion and development of research and scientific, humanistic and technological knowledgethe, to bring returns to the society, universities, research centers and the scientific community in general. The objecyive is to promote scientific research in the Basque Country, promoting the attraction and retention of research talent, and the creation of basic research centers for the scientific excellence (BERC), in cooperation with the scientific community.

i2basque, with the contribution of this supercomputer and other multimedia and communication resources, helps to the creation of an ecosystem in which the researchers and in general, the basque scientific community, have powerful and modern resources to improve and make esier their activity.

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