Basque Scientific Supercomputing Day 2013

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Program of the event (download .pdf)

Video of the hole Day

- Introduction to the Day (video): Miren Begoñe Urrutia (Scientific Policy Director GV/EJ), Josu Aramberri (Coordinator of the i2basque Academic Network) y Ricardo Díaz (Director of CCM)

- Intervention 1 (.pdf , video): Txema Mercero y Edu Ogando (SGIker)

- Intervention 2 (.pdf,video): Josu Aramberri y Charo Sánchez (i2basque)

- Intervention 3 (.pdf,video): Javier y Iñigo Aldazabal (Biosoft)]]

- Intervention 4 (.pdf,video): Montserrat González (bsc)]]

- Intervention 5 (.pdf,video): Jon Mattin Matxain (UPV/EHU)]]

- Intervention 6 (.pdf,video): Ángel Rubio (ETSF-EHU)]]

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