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i2basque Academic Network provides supercomputing resources for researchers of its affiliated entities, resources that have increased considerably since November of 2010, date when it assumed the management of a supercomputer with 1024 cores and 11TeraFlops. In brief, this resource is going to be part of RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network), devoting 20% of the computing time to users selected by the National Supercomputing Centre, BSC. The rest of the time is going to be dedicated to users selected by i2basque.

Until now, our HPC resources were requested using the following document. Since the 1st of November of 2011 the resources are going to be assigned through a similar procedure of RES, in periods of four months. Using this system, our researchers are going to familiarize with a model, that in the future, will let them apply for resources of other levels, whether state BSC, or in the European PRACE.

Due to this change is going to be done close to summer dates, we would like to inform in advance about the characteristics of the call, and the information that must be provided by the applicants.

  • Access period: since the 1st of November of 2011, to the 29th of February of 2012 (four months)
  • Offered resources in this period: 2.390.000 calculation hours

To access to the application form is necessary to be registered as a user. Our advice is to have a look to the BSC´s access procedure, because in i2basque we are going to follow similar rules. The form is going to be enabled for the registered users when the next 15th of July the call is going to be opened. As additional information, we provide the provisional guideline of the form that is being used in this call.

The deadline for the applications is the 15th of september of 2011

For any question or request, you can send an email to or you can call to our office at 943 308 486.

Para cualquier duda o consulta, pueden enviar sus mensajes a, o llamar a nuestras oficinas (943 308486).

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