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  • i2BASQUE is a non-profit organization. So access will be granted only with an exclusive research purpose and non-profit aims.
  • As access and usage of the infrastructure is free, there is a committee that study every application to ensure a fair use by any user or project. This committee is composed of three members, the i2BASQUE manager, a researcher and a technician, that will be designated by the manager for every application.
  • All users must send a signed Apply Form that can be found below. The Apply Form will contain a detailed information about the project that will use i2BASQUE infrastructure, including description, objectives, software used, time and computing resources requested and special needs. This Apply Form will also contain the individual names of all users that will have access.
  • After sending the request, the committee will study the proposal and will be able to ask for any kind of information referred to the project. If the project is approved, then i2BASQUE technicians will open access accounts and proceed to install requested software.
  • If you are granted an user account to use the infrastructure, you must keep the password secret in order to avoid any unauthorized login and its consequences.
  • Service is best effort, there are not enough technicians to ensure a 24x7 operational status. Also, if a new software is requested to be installed, appropriate licenses must be provided by the users of the project. i2BASQUE technicians will try to do their best to make the software run as well as possible.
  • Access to resources can be revoked at any moment without previous warning if an abuse or bad use is observed.
  • A copy of all data stored in users directories is regularly done, but this service does not take any responsibility at all for any data lost. Users are strongly encouraged to backup their own data. Furthermore, all user data will be deleted one week after the completion of the project.
  • i2BASQUE requires as a condition to mention the use of its infrastructures in any of scientific publications done with its resources, writing the following in the acknowledgment section: "This work has been possible thanks to the support of the computing infrastructure of the i2BASQUE academic network". A reference of the publication must be sent to
  • You authorize i2BASQUE to publish the subject of the investigation and the name of the investigators that use i2BASQUE infrastructure.
  • These usage terms can be modified at any time by the i2BASQUE committee.
  • Personal data protection:
    • For the purposes stipulated in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that the personal data provided in this form shall be included in a file, created under our direction, in order to communicate with you and to be able to conduct the process of selection of projects you are registered in. Moreover, we guarantee confidentiality in the processing of your personal data, and that they will never be furnished to anyone without your consent.
    • Such data is furnished voluntarily. Nevertheless, you are entitled to access the information about you compiled in our file, correct it if erroneous, or cancel it, as well as oppose processing of such data.
    • As regards to the personal data referring to other people than you participating in the project, they should be informed of this usage terms and conditions by you.
    • As acknowledgement and acceptance thereof, you hereby expressly consent and authorize i2BASQUE to process the personal data furnished voluntarily, according to the aims set forth herein.
    • This authorization is valid until revoked by the data owner.

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