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The selection of router make and model for the i2BASQUE connection will depend on member entity needs or resources. As a whole, there should be no difference between makes. At present, there are member entities already connected to i2BASQUE operating normally using different makes of equipment.

Member entities are advised to use the discussion tab in this section to submit experiences, opinions, queries, questions, etc on the different routers being used. This way, more practical information will be available for equipment selection.

Some router models or switches with routing capability used for i2BASQUE connection are:

CISCO Routers and NAT

NAT configuration in CISCO routers is somewhat special depending on whether static or dynamic NAT is used. In principle, the operation (or the results for the user) is the same, with the router substituting the IP address (normally of a private range) with another IP (normally of a public range) before sending packets outside the network (Internet).

  • In case of static NAT, indication is made of the IP from which translation into another IP is made.
  • In case of dynamic NAT, indication is made of the IP range from which translation into another IP or IP range is made. When translating into a single IP (case of dynamic NAT) allocation of said IP to Loopback interface may be required.


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