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The hardware of the development infrastructure consists on:

  • A manager frontend with 2 Xeon HT processors, 4 processors identified, 80GB SATA disk and 2GB RAM.
  • A computing cluster with 8 computing elements composed by 2 Xeon HT processors, 80GB SATA disk and 2 GB RAM each.
  • A compute element composed by a SMP with 4 Xeon HT processors, 8 processors in total, 80 GB SATA and 16 GB RAM.
  • A NAS with 1.4 TB of effective storage shared among all elements by means of NFS.
  • All machines are interconnected by an Ethernet Gigabit network.
  • All machines run 32 bits software, operating systems included.

Resuming totals: 44 processors (HT activated), 34 GB RAM, 3 TB storage on disk.

The following software is installed in the development infrastructure:

  • Operating system of the compute elements: Debian Sid with kernel 2.6.14 in the frontend and 2.6.10 in the compute elements.
  • Development software: GCC 3.3, GCC 4.0, Intel C++ Compiler 9.0, Intel Fortran Compiler 9.0, Python, Php, Perl, Java
  • HPC software: MPICH MPI library
  • HTC Job management software: Sun Grid Engine (SGE)
  • Other software: Systemimager, LDAP, Partimaged, Ganglia, C3 Tools, IPTables

The cluster offers a single system image and it is accessed only through the host

User accounts are based in LDAP central server, and all accounts and their directories are shared among the machines.

Jobs are submitted using the SGE job management software, jobs can be batch, parallel or multiple.

The whole system has been installed using Systemimager, so the task of adding/deleting a compute element from the system is quite easy. Moreover, a backup of an freshly installed image of the system is stored.

The C3 Tools are used to ease managing tasks such as the execution of a command on a certain number of hosts, or copy a file to several hosts.

All general utilities and shared software is installed in a shared directory stored in the NAS.

IPTables is used as a firewall to secure this cluster.

Real time Monitoring.

High Performance Computing

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